Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ants & love

I love ants. I love when it's cold and they think it's a good idea to come into our house and walk around. The best part is when they feel like making a place to live in our kitchen. In our baking cabinet to be more precise. All over the molasses, and some in the corn syrup. Even after we killed what we thought was most of them and sealed the holes where we thought they might be coming from, they still appear!! It's like they materialize out of nowhere. I love having my kitchen a complete mess because I had to take everything out of our cabinets.

While I'm loving things, I also really love our new neighbors and how I can hear them having sex ALL THE TIME at hours when I know I should be sleeping but I just can't help but be woken up by the sound of the neighbors bed scraping the floor at a certain rhythm. It also makes me happy when it sounds like they're moving their furniture around, scooting it along the floor. Oh and also the fact that I'm pretty sure they smoke inside their apartment, as well as leave cigarette butts all over the front of our sidewalk, and in our backyard. I'm inches away from calling my landlord and telling her what great people she has brought into our building.

On a more serious note. I have started to try and look at things differently. Although this post doesn't have a note of positive in it, I really have become more positive, and started looking at the world a little differently. At least I am trying. But gosh darn it, sometimes it's so hard not to be negative about something, or be in a bad mood. But in any case, I love you! (and that's for real)

Oh yeah. Did anyone hear that the walnut creek bart tracks caught fire last night? It was surreal.


Jon and Katie Bowerbank said...

Have you done the ol' "banging the ceiling with the broom handle" thing yet? I used to do it in our old place in Concord, and it works wonders. No need to be polite about it.

We also had a huge ant problem in Concord...check any potted plants you might have in the kitchen or in the house. We watered one of our plants once, then an entire colony came rushing out, it was madness. I hear coffee grounds sprinkled on the floor along the walls keeps them away.

Sir Lord Patty-Melt said...

Hey Now,
I agree its hard sometimes to be more positive. A lot of it depends and what you get back from people. The power of positive thinking. It reminds me a little of my myspace "about me" info:

...going back to what i mentioned early, i usually only care about myself and for that very important reason i make myself great, no one else. i’ve been toled i’ve lacked etiquette, but im just trying to get around this overly populated place without steeping on any toes or buttons, which is proven harder than i thought. but i’m still a nice person. i rarely do anything maliciously.

However, right now... I'm re-thinking my entire being. What I can offer and perhaps whats even more important, is what I choose not to do.

"One sweet dream came true today"

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